Zoltan Istvan futurist interview: towards a new social and young transhumanism 3.0

by Roby Guerra

D - Zoltan , the transhumanist petition against you , strange and a serious error of media movement , right? R - The thing with the petition is it just has so few signatures, so it’s become a non-event. I mean, if it had thousands of signatures, I would take it more seriously. In my opinion, it just shows how small of a community actually is against my presidency.

D- Istvan , more in depth , the usual intellectuals out of the story ? R - Every movement has moments when it fights itself, it rediscovers itself, it reinvents itself. This is happening right now in transhumanism. What is emerging is a more activist and youthful side of the movement. Transhumanism has grown dramatically in the last few years. Naturally, it’s direction has changed a bit with that growth.

D- Zoltan Istvan , Science or Barbarism ? R - This is the deep sense of your social transhumanism ? When people ask me my political flavor, I am reluctant to tell them anything. I have some social policies, I have some libertarian policies, I have some liberal policies, and I have some unheard of polices. A good leader is not subject to a movement or history. They make up the most reasonable policies they can as the world changes in front of them. I’m trying to do just that.

D- Zoltan Istvan , your fiction utopia Wager The Transhumanist , futurist literature , then read as an open work like any literary work ? R - A lot of good and bad has been made of my novel. I’ve told people since it came out that you can see it both as warning and as an inspiration. It’s  guide to help the world think more deeply on the most pressing issues of our time. I think everyone can get something out of it, even if they hate it. I think the fact that is creates very passionate emotions in people, good or bad, is a sure sign the questions the novel brings up are increcdibly important.